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Comments from Children's Christmas Party

Local 50 Chapter 1

Once again what a great Children's Christmas Party!! A Huge Shout out to all the Volunteers and to everyone who entertained all the kids and were hired by the AUPE to participate this year.  My son who is autistic and such a great time there.  It was so nicely laid out that my son and lots of people were saying they didn't feel claustrophobic at all. Great time had by everyone and the gifts were amazing.

Definitely attending this event again, it was money well spent.  I heard such great things about this years events and how it was nice you didn't have to wait in line for anything.  

Loved the family portrait session the girls were awesome and the fact that you got a picture right away and you could e-mail a copy it was awesome.

P.S. Food was fantastic and we loved the bouncy castle and train and the face painting was fantastic.  Hope to see it all and do it all again.

Local 54 Chapter 7

Fantastic job on the children's Christmas party. It was great to have multiple activities and lots of volunteers/workers at each. The lines were a lot less of course the most popular ones, balloon and face paint still had lines, but went pretty quick.Enjoyed all the characters walking around and having fun with kids.

Thank you for all your hard work and thank you to all the volunteers.

Local 49 Chapter 1

Thank you so much for the nice Children's Christmas Party...very good gifts, nice food, fun entertainment for kids...ohhh my Lord thank you again

Local 47 Chapter 4

Great event today AUPE Children's Christmas Party, both my daughters enjoyed the event, it’s my first time attending this event, as I’m becoming more involved with the union. Thank you all the hard work to organize this event to all the area council executives. Looking forward next year. Solidarity Forever brothers and sisters!